Why Village Science?

_MWS9975We are living in a world where human beings face challenges perhaps larger in scope than at any point before in history. Problems like climate change, over-population, and drug-resistant bacteria causing pandemic outbreaks are urgent and we can’t afford to wait for the next generation. It’s up to the people living here and now to try to find solutions.

Here. And now.

The average world citizen, though, isn’t likely concerned with climate change. The three billion people of Earth living below the poverty line are more focused on daily survival: Water, food and shelter.

The solutions to these challenges require global dialogues and action, but they also require a respectful understanding of local customs and culture.

Enter Village Science

What do we mean by “Village”?  We work with local communities to create programs that address their needs for self-sufficiency. We also convene a global community of engaged people to address issues that extend beyond borders. We are connecting people to share knowledge and resources and we’re building the tools to enable those dialogues at both the global level and the local level.

What do we mean by “science”?  We don’t mean a bundle of facts, organized in categories such as biology and physics. Rather, we try to embrace the best traditions of those disciplines. Our projects embody principles at the heart of the Scientific Method: Open Sourced, Peer Reviewed, and Collaboratively built with partners around the world.

Village Science leads grassroots projects which promote an exchange of information, technology, and entrepreneurship in emerging economies. Click here to find out how you can get involved!

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