iQuEST Pilot Project

VS-Pi: iQuEST Pilot Project

The iQuEST (Improving the Quality of Education in Science and Technology) project will promote learning and adaptation, and ultimately lead to development of effective applications of digital education technologies for lower secondary schools in Laos. This project aims to improve the quality of education for lower secondary school students through information technology in three to five subject areas (e.g. Language, Math, Science, and Technology). Digital information servers, which have been created utilizing Raspberry Pi, will be distributed to a limited number of classrooms as part of this pilot project and will contain Lao educational content.

The VS-Pi (Raspberry Pi Server) will promote educational activities in the classroom.

Project partners have identified a newly constructed school in the village of Ban Meuane, in a non-urban district of Vientiane province, as the ideal location to train teachers and administrators to pilot test the new VS-Pi education technology.

In addition to teacher training workshops, we will also create a digital version of the lower secondary school curriculum and learning materials, and create Lao-language enrichment materials that mesh with the national curriculum.

The VS-Pi (Raspberry Pi Server) will promote educational activities in the classroom.

The ultimate goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital curricular and enrichment materials to build technical skills and to enhance existing systems, and assess the feasibility of scaling up education technologies. The results of the iQuEST Pilot Project will inform future programs in the design, distribution, and use of education technology to support quality education in all provinces of the Lao PDR.

We have many volunteer opportunities listed on our Get Involved page. Additionally, we will begin searching for Lao national staff to fill key project positions once final contracts are signed between pilot partners.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, contact us to let us know.
A full concept note is available upon request.