Google AdWords Grant

Exciting news: Village Science just received a monthly grant of $10,000 with Google Ads. To use an official term: we’re stoked – but we need a Google AdWords / SEO savvy volunteer to help us with creating ads, choosing keywords and maximizing this AdWords Grant.


Getting the word about Village Science “out there” on the world-wide-web is crucial. After four years of getting Village Science off the ground, we’re finally about to launch one of our key grassroots projects, our VS-Pi computer, in Laos.

At our core is a Participatory Design Process: we connect with local communities to develop projects that they will support and actively engage. We then work on behalf of these communities to assemble a global network of partners and stakeholders who can help them build it. (Find out more about our philosophy here.)

So Village Science needs resources, skills, ideas and a community – basically, we need a village – to help us:

Reach out and help us if you can, just a couple hours can go a long way. Can you help? Reply on our discussion board or reach out via our Contact Form.

Help us spread the word. Connect with us on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

CC BY 2.0: Search-Engine-Marketing by Danard Vincente, on Flickr