Opening Development

Village Science projects embrace the best traditions and principles of the Scientific Method: They're Open Sourced, Peer Reviewed, and built with partners around the world.

Cultivating Capacity

Village Science originates and supports projects that create enduring collaborations. We're helping build the businesses and skills needed to ensure that our efforts are sustainable – both financially and culturally.

Sharing Globally

Our specially-developed tools and frameworks enable the multilateral sharing of information and understanding among people and groups in developed and developing economies.

Delivering Resources

Innovative programs like our Raspberry Pi Community Hotspots enable our members to gain access to a wealth of information and help our partners deliver meaningful content to communities.

VS-Pi Content

Imagine a small black box with only a single wire connecting it to the wall power. The Open Wi-Fi signal emanating from it is a free stream of information, to which anyone in the vicinity with a computer, tablet or smartphone, can connect. This is a VS-Pi Server. Village Science is co-developing the VS-Pi server […]

Xieng Mieng: A Sticky Mess

Village Science would like to thank Nor Sanavongsay for his contribution of several children’s books. Nor is a Lao-American designer, illustrator, and writer who makes his home in the Bay Area of California, USA. Xieng Mieng: A Sticky Mess was a project ten years in the making for Nor, who wrote and illustrated the book, […]

Wherever It Takes You

Can you remember the first moment when you were curious – really curious – about how something worked? When I was age 3 or 4, my parents gave me a cheap AM radio. It was shaped like “Big Bird” from Sesame Street, sitting on a nest. (In a clever bit of design, the nest actually […]

Google AdWords Grant

Exciting news: Village Science just received a monthly grant of $10,000 with Google Ads. To use an official term: we’re stoked – but we need a Google AdWords / SEO savvy volunteer to help us with creating ads, choosing keywords and maximizing this AdWords Grant. Getting the word about Village Science “out there” on the […]



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VILLAGE SCIENCE needs your help in Laos as we kick off our VS-Pi iQuEST pilot project in Vientiane this fall. Professional volunteer experience varies widely, from computer software development to education to communications and advertising.

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